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I used up all my epoxy last week and am still not done my gluing job. I tried a bit of white glue for the small fill in beads but I can see some white. I'm trying some contact cement tomorrow and if that doesn't work - more five minute epoxy will be on the shopping list.

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My beloved kitty, Clarke, disappeared August first. I miss him terribly and become sentimental when I see his photos. He was a really lovely cat.

Saturday, March 17, 2007



This was a performance by The Chucky Danger Band (now known as just Chucky Danger) for a live radio taping for our national CBC Saturday show, Definitely Not The Opera. The kids are are life-long friends of my kids. Rob, on the right, was visiting here on Thursday night with news that they are about to begin recording their third album.


Clarke Wearing Green

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