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Artsy Essay

The last sentence of the Artsy Essay contest challenge intrigued me immediately. tell us about it without naming it until the very last sentence of your essay:):):)

My most inspiring possession, if I can call it that, has been with me from birth; I want it at my death. I was lucky to have been surrounded by it and have it grow and change me, while sharing it with the world. It has brought me greater pleasure than almost anything in my life.

I share it every day through blogging. It was my aim from almost my first post. I'm not talking of photographs though all four of my blogs feature photographs.

As a physical object, my posession has been traded and shared, gifted, broken, lost, rebuilt, and copied, all the while being statistally counted and measured.

It has inspired me in more ways than I can talk about here. About how it has inspired me just physically, I could write volumes; Emotionally, libraries. I'd best give some examples. Think about the inspiration you too have received from this gift. It is as old as there has been a person on earth and before... Just click the links..... One, Two, Three, Four, Five.

Artsy Essay Contest



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