Friday, December 29, 2006

Best of 2006 - Photo Session

I don't know about the best photo but one of the best photography sessions of 2006 was this day. I work long hours, six days a week in the summer. After dinner one evening, I found a few minutes and asked my niece if she'd like to go to the beach. My beach is walking distance but the day was soon to end so we drove to save time.

The evening was magical! The colours were so intense. PEI"s red cliffs were like they were on fire. My niece felt it too and was dancing in the sunset, which provided some really nice photos.

I guess putting three photos up is colouring outside the lines but I'm interpreting the challenge as best day of 2006 for photos not best photo of 2006. I did that last week on Sunday's Macro Challenge.

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