Friday, April 13, 2007

Bella's Tail

Bella always walks with a curl in her tail. Her tail sways while she is walking and the direction of the curl changes from left to right and back again. Her tail never stops while she is walking.


Marlene said...

A cat can talk with her/his tail. I think Bella is saying 'Hi' to everyone while taking a walk.

She is definitely a happy cat! :)

Have a great weekend and greetz from Holland.

Cuidado said...

She's quite a happy gal.

Bevson said...

My Tonka has the same tail thing going on. I always thought his tail was so long that he sorta had no control over the end of it. :) The other 3 cats (yes, I have 4) have regular straight tails.
Your girl sure is a beauty.