Thursday, August 16, 2007



Ginnie said...

Of your 3 blogs, Mary, which one is your favorite? I would like to put one of them in my sidebar so that I can follow it.

BTW, your pic on SC awhile back doesn't look like you could possibly be in your 50's. :) Do you have another one where I can see you better? It looks like we're close to the same age (I'm 62), but I only have ONE grandchild!

And one more thing, I have been considering changing my Blogger template to this one for the last several months. Just haven't gotten up the nerve yet! I have so much stuff on my sidebar...maybe I'm afraid I'll lose it. But I guess I can copy and paste it back in, right?

Cuidado said...

I like cre8ive1 because of the music as music was my first intention. The music is slowly disappearing because of copyright issues so I may stop blogging. I don't know yet.

I can send you a photo by email or something but don't want one on my blog.

I've never changed from one template to the other but yes, cutting and pasting would work if all else fails.

Glad you stopped by.