Thursday, March 14, 2013

“Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring!”

 The first thing that comes to mind when I think of spring is the land.
  I can dig in my gardens and farmers can at last,  get out to their fields.

 The bright colours of dandelions, daffodils and tulips are so cherished 
after the dull tones of the recently passed winter.

 Bees are as happy as we are to feel the warmth of the sun. 
We all get down to business!

Spring is a busy time for everyone but it is enjoyed universally for it's promise of new life and growth.  
We feel spring's warmth and moisture and with certain joy, watch everything come alive again.

Come on, Spring.  Unfurl!

I’m participating in the onlineadventure travel and photography’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggersThis week’s Challenge is: Spring!


Anonymous said...

I like the photos and the sentiments. :-)

Bob Bushell said...

Brilliant photos.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes! Thank you for the mind support! Great photos for us waiting for another 20 cm snow and -18C!

Cuidado said...

Oh, I know. the weather will change soon though. I can't wait to get into the gardens.